So as you all know by now Conor McGregor provided a confident performance at UFC 205 which seen him take the lightweight championship belt away from Eddie Alvarez on the weekend and it almost seemed too easy for him.

Being knocked down three times in the first round and then eventually being knocked out in the second without giving McGregor much to worry about all match, you can sort of begin to imagine the disappointment that Eddie Alvarez was feeling in himself when he lost his title. Well Alvarez put a little something on his Instagram account this week about his loss and he really did take it on the chin very well. No excuses, no bad mouthing, just congratulated his opponent, apologised for his performance and made it clear how utterly disappointed he is about it. Now we all know how McGregor is, and as you can imagine he was quite arrogant after his victory so you do really have to appreciate Alvarez’ post as he could of been very bitter about the matter.

Some sportsmen/women would look at a loss like this and be just as disappointed as Alvarez and may of been so disheartened, not only from the loss but also by what the critics had to say after that they may not have come back as strong as they were before and find their careers overshadowed by one poor performance. However judging by the post, Alvarez is not going to let this happen and wants to come back even stronger, it takes a lot for a someone to find motivation off a loss but Eddie Alvarez admitted to his mistakes, showed fantastic sportsmanship and is motivated to make up for it, we’ll just have to see how it pans out for him on his return.

Congrats to Connor and his camp on an amazing accomplishment , these guys continue to deliver ,hats off to you fellas . As for my performance , the only thing I can honestly say was I fucking blew it ... I did nothing I trained , I did the complete opposite of what we planned on a daily basis for 10 weeks . To sum up our plan in a sentence it was "Go left and mostly wrestle " instead I circled into his left hand and mostly boxed . Fighting the way I did was a for sure death sentence and the result was fitting . I say it all the time, there is really small margin for error at this level and I paid for my mistakes . I managed to make it to the biggest stage and audience in my long career and fucked it all up when I arrived , my heart sincerely hurts and when I dwell on it I fill up with regret and anger . If there was a list of what not to do against an Opponent of this nature I did them all on Saturday . I am disappointed in myself and this is not a reflection of my coaches , training Partners , and the endless hours of training I commit to this sport . Every Time I get into the cage I negotiate being vulnerable and possibly embarrassed against the opportunity to do something great and Grow more . I always choose the latter regardless of the uncomfortability and anxiety it brings to me , I think this choice is the only reason I ever succeeded in the first place . I thought in my head at least making a lot of money would make me happy but I am having a lot of trouble enjoying myself regardless of the check thats going to be written , I am very uneasy and discontent for the most part . I am lucky to have my wife and my child at a time like this to help me laugh and smile and let me know everything's gonna be all right , they are my saving Grace , without them I am a shell of a man . Besides the outcome I thoroughly enjoyed fight week and the lead up , it was a lot fun . I have never defined myself off one win and I'll never define myself off one loss ,I simply had a bad night .. I'll have the opportunity again to have a good one ,, and I'll make the Walk to see what I got Everytime . Thanx for listening -EA

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McGregor vs Alvarez at UFC 205

An extremely disappointed Eddie Alvarez (Video from UFC on Fox)