Here at GymCompany we have recently added a fresh batch of products from Reebok to our forever growing range of products! And we thought it may be helpful for our customers to have a bit of background information about this highly recognisable brand to distinguish why you should choose Reebok as your brand of choice. With a huge array of equipment on the market it is always difficult to know where to start. So here is why we think you should choose Reebok. Checkout out our top pick kit suggestions too!

About Reebok…

Reebok has been one of the leading brands in the fitness industry for some time now, they were first founded under with the name ‘J.W. Foster and Sons’ before being known as Reebok 30 years on from then. Reebok is a worldwide athletic footwear and apparel company as well as producing top quality fitness equipment. Reebok produces and distributes fitness and sports items including shoes, workout clothing, accessories and training equipment. Reebok is the official footwear and apparel sponsor for UFC, CrossFit and Spartan Race. In the 1980’s Reebok soon became fit to lead, after the booming fitness trend and merging as partners with Adidas, women all around the world were working out in their ‘Reebok freestyle’ whilst fitness professional Gin Miller became the face of ‘Step Reebok’. And that’s not all! The ‘PUMP’ hits the market which then made Reebok a household name in other categories as well, the next year after this Reebok’s sales was $13 million with over 100 sports professional wearing their footwear such as Shaquille O’neal. In 2005 Adidas went on to acquire Reebok as a subsidiary but carried on using seperate brands names.

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What we recommend here at GymCompany

The Reebok GX60 crosstrainer comes at a very affordable price and will provide a smooth and quiet performance when in use. This crosstrainer from Reebok will give you an awesome, varied and low impact workout each time you use it. With the GX60 comes an integrated LCD display which is super clear and easy to use. The type of exercise provided by the GX60 offers great benefits to both your upper and lower body without impact on joints, which you may experience in other activities such as running. The GX60 is highly recommended by us here at GymCompany and when it’s at such an affordable price, you’d be missing out if you didn’t purchase it!

The Reebok GT40 Treadmill is the perfect treadmill for any home gym. Providing a smooth and quiet performance when in use and allowing all users, from elite to novice, to get an excellent, varied workout each time. This treadmill will significantly improve your cardio and general fitness with help from the easy to use LED display. The display will provide you with 12 different programmes to help you vary your workouts every time. A great feature of this treadmill which will appeal to all users looking to add to their home gyms, is the ability to fold this treadmill when storing it away which allows for space to be used for other activities or exercises when it is not in use. At an affordable price of £960 we think this treadmill should be at the top of your list when searching for treadmills for you home gym.

The Reebok GSB one series indoor bike is an excellent piece of cardio equipment that has a flywheel weighing 18 kilograms which will provide users with a smooth, solid feel. Spectacular value for money too. Another great feature of the GSB is the 32 resistance levels that mean your workouts can be varied every time and you can really test your ability and push yourself to the limit. This piece of equipment is completed self powered which is not only good for making it easy to find a suitable place to put the bike but it also means your gym will look neat and tidy as there will be no messy, tangled wires coming from the machine.

The Reebok One GR rowing machine offers all users an effective, low-impact workout for both the upper and lower body. The rowing motion provided is smooth and enjoyable thanks to the 6.5kg flywheel. The 16 levels of electronic resistance and the great range of 17 workout programmes give you the challenge you need to get your heart beating. View your speed, time, distance, calories and strokes per minute with the feedback given on the LCD display. The GR rower has a built-in wireless heart rate receiver so you can measure you heart rate live by using a chest strap (Chest strap not included). The seat is on this rower is super comfortable as well as ergonomic and will glide smoothly on the 4ft rail. You can also adjust the straps on the large footplate to get the best fit for you to add that extra comfort during workouts. The easy-to-use locking and folding mechanism helps with storing the machine safely after use. For under £500 you really can not go wrong with this choice of rower.

The Reebok Functional Cage is an awesome piece of equipment to have in any gym whether it be at home or in a commercial environment. Standing at 224 centimetres tall, the Reebok functional cage gives off that ‘WOW’ factor that every body is looking for with its slick design and abilities. The solid four-posted Reebok cage is the go-to piece of equipment in any gym, which can be modified in a number of ways to create a truly unique and challenging functional training station for users to really test themselves and their abilities. All for under £1000 you can get a cage that will allow you to do a huge variety of different exercises. With dedicated anchor points for functional training accessories as well as a hub for the functional training itself, a multi-grip pull up station, storage for your olympic bumper plates and barbells, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

The Reebok Easytone Step is an easy to use piece of equipment but will provide you with a spectacular workout, testing your core strength and stability. The Easytone Step consists of two inter-connected air pods that allow for air to be transferred from one to the other. These air pods have been designed to create natural instability. The result is a challenging, yet extremely rewarding fitness experience. This multi-purpose functional training platform provides a diverse range of exercises which then provides for a full body workout. Reversible usage allows the user to workout with pods facing up or down. Although it seems very simple this piece of equipment will quite literally throw you off guard and you will benefit greatly from it.

Adding boxing exercises to your daily workout routines is beneficial in a variety of different ways. And of course if you are going to be using these exercises often, then you are going to need some top class equipment that you can rely upon so we thought we would recommend these awesome boxing gloves from Reebok. The Reebok Combat Training Glove is a fantastic option for all types of boxing training including bag work and sparring. These gloves will conform to the natural shape of the user’s fist with cushioning padding which protects the hand and will also promote the correct punching technique. They have been produced to be able to withstand high abuse and have been constructed to stay together solidly. Another feature is the layer of dense foam to provide a higher degree of shock absorbency plus a velcro strap for added wrist support and lace-up fastening. A great overall pair of boxing gloves that can be used for all types of combat training and highly recommend no matter what skill/fitness level you may be at.

Reebok has a great range of boxing/combat training equipment and this stylish 4ft nylon combat training bag is just one of them. Not only is combat training an awesome way to develop stamina but it is also a good way to let off steam and de-stress. Being produced with nylon, this bag is much softer than many other bags meaning it causes less stress to hands and joints in the wrist. However it is still advised that you have your hands wrapped up during use. Featuring a super tough bracket the bag can easily be bolted to a boxing stand which will withstand the bag’s kinetic weight as well as with the force it is struck with. Being 4ft tall, the Reebok Combat bag offers a much larger target area and 360 degree training, perfect for practicing those high punches or low kicks.

This Reebok Fitness Mat is a very stylish and comfortable mat. With a surface area of 173 x 61cm and the mat ensures you have a good grip with its non-slip design, making things that little bit easier during an exercise as it ensures the mat stays in one place. Top accessory to have in any gym with guaranteed performance and reliability.

This quality Reebok Pro Utility Bench provides as an awesome companion when used in versatile weight training. With 7 adjustable angles and 3 seat adjustments via the ‘quick pull’ handle, the bench can be adapted to each individual athlete’s workout preferences adding extra variety to your routines if you ever fancy a change in exercise. A solid and reliable bench that features high density foam cushioning for superb comfort. To top it all off the bench can be kept in great condition thanks to its easy wipe clean surface. A must have in any home or commercial gym, due to to its tidy look and multiple purposes.