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Strongman Equipment

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Strongman Equipment
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  • Jordan Prowler Sled

  • Physical Company The Tyre Squared

  • RAZE Farmers Walk Handles

  • RAZE Lifting Chain

  • RAZE PWR Bales

  • Gym Gear Performance Sled with Harness

  • Gym Gear Prowler Sled


Strongman equipmentTrain like a strongman

Most people are familiar with the feats of strength performed by strongmen that are shown on television – like truck pulls, keg tosses and log lifts, but the sport of strongman is seeing a surge of popularity at the moment and is becoming much more than merely a circus-style form of entertainment and a test of pure, brute strength.

Many general fitness enthusiasts are beginning to incorporate elements of strongman training into their everyday training programmes – and with good reason!

Coaches and fitness professionals are becoming more knowledgeable about the athletic and strength benefits that can be gained from strongman exercises like the farmer’s walk and other strength carries that were traditionally the realm of speciality strongman gyms.

Strongman training is not only extremely challenging but it is also highly effective and fun too! This is why more and more commercial gyms are starting to stock strongman equipment like logs and atlas stones and this type of hardcore training is becoming more mainstream.

Our 3 favourite strongman exercises

  1. Carries – using Farmer’s Walk handles, specially designed wheelbarrows or Duck Walks to basically pick up heavy weight and walk with it (either for time or distance) – this exercise might sound easy but, trust us, it’s not!
  2. Sledge Hammer swings – using a weighted hammer to hit a tyre (for time or reps) – the perfect antidote to a bad day!
  3. Sled pushes/pulls – pushing and pulling a weighted sled (for time or distance) – if you can find a more nauseatingly brutal workout then please let us know!