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Plate Loaded

Plate Loaded

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    Gym Gear Elite Series Seated Calf Raise

    £414.00 £375.00
  • Gym Gear Elite Series T-Bar Row

  • Gym Gear Elite Series 45 Degree Leg Press

  • Gym Gear Elite Series Hack Squat

  • Impulse Sterling Incline Press

  • Impulse Sterling Pulldown

  • Steelflex Plate Loaded Bicep Curl

  • Matrix Preacher Curl

  • Nautilus Standing Preacher Curl

  • Nautilus Seated Preacher Curl

  • Gym Gear Sterling V Squat

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    Precor DLP Incline Chest Press (Used)

    £2,975.00 £1,706.00
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    Precor DLP Chest Press (Used)

    £2,975.00 £1,692.00
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    Precor DLP Seated Row (Used)

    £2,975.00 £1,540.00
  • Sale!

    Precor DLP Pulldown (Used)

    £2,975.00 £1,554.00
  • Precor Angled Leg Press

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  • Gym Gear Elite Series 3D Smith Machine

  • Exigo ISO Lever High Row

  • Hammer Strength V Squat

  • Hammer Strength Seated Calf Raise

  • Hammer Strength Seated Dip

  • Hammer Strength Seated Leg Curl

  • Hammer Strength Squat High Pull

  • Hammer Strength Squat Lunge

  • Hammer Strength Standing and Seated Shrug

  • Hammer Strength Super Horizontal Calf

  • Hammer Strength Twist Left

  • Hammer Strength Pullover

  • Hammer Strength Twist Right

  • Hammer Strength Seated Arm Curl

  • Hammer Strength Seated Bicep

  • Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Wide Chest


Plate loaded machines

What’s so great about plate loaded machines?

The whole point of strength training is to get stronger – and with plate loaded machines, your strength will never outgrow your machine.

Plate loaded machines are not only a more affordable alternative to selectorised machines, but, with a plate loaded machine, you really are the boss of your own training.

Loading your own weight plates means you can fine tune your weights with finite weight additions. The best part is that as your strength grows, your plate collection can grow with you, so lifting on your plate loaded machine will never get too easy.

The feel of free weights

Many lifters prefer plate loaded machines as they provide an experience much more akin to lifting free weights as you can physically see and feel the weights being increased as you add them, but yet they still provide that essential safety net of stability and control when you don’t have your spotter nearby.

Plate loaded machines perfectly combine the best features of free weight training with the safety advantages of selectorised machines.