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  • Nautilus 5 Station

  • Matrix Functional Trainer

  • Gym Gear Pro Series Cable Crossover

  • Finnlo Autark 2500 Multigym


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    Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym with bench – FREE INSTALLATION

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  • Nohrd Slim Beam

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    Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer

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  • Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Monster System

  • Primal Strength Stealth Commercial Fitness Elite 4 Stack Multi Station

  • Inspire Leg Press Attachment (M2, M3, M4 and M5)

  • Full Metal Industries S1 Adjustable Cable Crossover

  • Nautilus Instinct Dual Adjustable Pulley

  • Nautilus Cable Crossover

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    Inspire FT1 Functional Training Package

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  • Cybex Bravo Advanced Series Functional Trainer

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    Inspire FT2 Package

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  • Spirit Fitness Smith Machine

  • Nautilus Inspiration Dual Adjustable Pulley

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  • Gym Gear Pro Series Dual Adjustable Pulley

  • Gym Gear Elite Series 8 Stack Multigym

  • Gym Gear Elite Series 5 Stack Multigym

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    Gym Gear Elite Series 4 Stack Multigym

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  • Gym Gear Elite Series Cable Crossover

  • Gym Gear Elite Series Dual Adjustable Pulley

  • Matrix Varsity Functional Trainer

  • Finnlo Autark 1500 Multigym


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  • Finnlo Autark 2200 Multigym


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    Gym Gear 3 Station MultiGym

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  • Matrix Functional Trainer

  • Cybex Bravo Basic Compact Functional Trainer


MultigymsMultigyms – what makes them so great?

How great would it be to have an entire gym floor of strength training equipment in your own home? No more commutes to the gym, no more wasting time waiting for others to finish their set, or, even worse, interrupting your set. It sounds pretty awesome to us, but unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of space for masses and masses of gym equipment. That’s where Multigyms come to the rescue!

With more functionality than Batman’s utility belt, a multigym will allow you to perform as many as 20 different exercises on one machine using cable pulleys and nifty attachments. Not only will you not have to leave your home to work out, you won’t even need to get up to move stations – how’s that for efficiency?

Popular with schools and colleges, a multigym allows you to squeeze an entire gym floor of strength training equipment into a very small space. As well as being a complete home gym, most multigyms allow two users to train at once too, so you won’t have to wait for your training partner to finish their set.

Multigyms use a cable pulley system and selectorised weights with different attachments to train different body parts. A good multigym will allow you to perform between 10 and 20 different exercises, without you having to move stations.

If you can only fit one machine into your home gym, make it the multipurpose, multimuscle multigym.

What features should I look out for?

  • Have you got space? The whole point of multigyms is that they are space efficient, but each one has different dimensions, so make sure you check it will fit in its allocated space, with plenty of room around the machine for you to perform movements.
  • Most multigyms will come with accessories to allow you to perform exercises for every body part, like pull down bars, ankle straps and low row bars – but there are some exceptions to this. Think about which muscle groups and which parts of your body you want to work on most and check the multigym you have chosen before you buy.
  • Look for sturdy, heavy gauge multigyms that won’t move about whilst you’re training, especially if you are going to be lifting heavy.
  • Some multigyms have covered cables, which will prolong the life of your machine.