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Squat Stands

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Squat Stand

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  • Primal Strength Alpha Heavy Duty Squat Stands – Matte Nero

  • LifeMaxx LM1740 CrossMaxx Squat Rack

  • Jordan Squat Stand

  • Jordan Premium Heavy Duty Squat Stand

  • York FTS Press Squat Stand


Squat stands

What’s so great about squat stands?

If you’re serious about lifting, your home gym won’t be complete without somewhere to rack your bar for heavy squats.

If you’re not interested in the bells and whistles of a half rack or power rack and just want a no frills, affordable way to squat heavy, a back to basics pair of squat stands will do the job at a fraction of the price.

Squat stands aren’t only a much cheaper alternative – they also come with added portability and compactness which will allow you to create a more versatile training space without compromising on lifting heavy. What’s more, they can be moved around the gym to use with a bench or packed away somewhere when not in use.

If you’re stuck for space in a garage gym or just need a more portable alternative to a full or half rack, equipment footprints don’t come much smaller than free standing squat stands.