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Squat Racks

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Squat Racks

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  • LifeMaxx Sissy Squat Bench PRO

  • LifeMaxx LM1740 CrossMaxx Squat Rack

  • LifeMaxx Squat Rack

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  • Raze Walk In Squat Rack

  • Gym Gear Elite Series Squat Rack

  • Exigo Olympic Free Standing Squat Rack

  • Exigo Olympic Squat Rack

  • Hammer Strength Olympic Squat Rack

  • Cybex Free Weights Series Squat Rack


Squat racks

Why we should all squat

As a simple and great all round exercise for building strength and fitness, squats should form part of virtually everyone’s routine. Here are just a few of the main benefits of regular squatting:

  • Build muscle (particularly in the legs and glutes).
  • Make everyday tasks easier – squats are a functional exercise (sitting down and standing up, anyone?).
  • Maintain mobility and balance.
  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis.
  • Prevent injury.

What’s so great about squat racks?

If you want to get under your bar for heavy squats but want something a bit more substantial than a pair of simple freestanding squat stands, a squat rack is the answer.

A more affordable alternative to a full or half rack, a squat rack is perfect for basement gyms with a low ceiling height too.

The anatomy of a squat rack

Basic squat racks usually have storage pegs on the sides for keeping your plates neat and tidy. On the front, they have hooks for your barbell – this doubles as storage for your barbell as well as being the functional part of the squat rack that you will use for squatting.
Squat racks also have “spotter arms” which are a safety feature designed to catch the weight in case you can’t make your squat.