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Smith Machines

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Smith Machines

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  • Life Fitness Optima Smith Machine

  • Primal Strength Stealth Elite Olympic Smith Machine

  • Primal Strength Ultra 10.0 Folding Power Rack

  • Full Metal Industries P1 Smith Machine

  • Nautilus Plate Loaded Smith Machine

  • Spirit Fitness Smith Machine

  • Gym Gear Elite Series 3D Smith Machine

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    Gym Gear Elite Smith Machine

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  • Hammer Strength Smith Machine

  • Impulse Elite Smith Press

  • York STS Counter Balanced Smith Machine

  • Indigo Counterbalanced Smith Machine

  • Indigo 3D Smith Machine

  • Inspire Smith Attachment

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Smith machines

Smith machines – your spotter for life

Your training buddy won’t always be there to spot you. Smith machines allow you to push to failure safely, so you can maximise your strength gains without the need for a spotter.

Get strong in safety and style with our huge range of smith machines.

What’s so great about smith machines?

If you’re training for serious strength, without a spotter, you’ll struggle to safely squat the heavy weight needed to get to that failure point.

A smith machine guides the weight and the barbell (fixed between steel rails) can be easily secured at any point during the movement by a simple flick of the wrists which locks the bar in place in the safety notches that run the full length of the machine.

If you lift heavy, love the feel of free weights but want the added safety of a conventional resistance machine, you need a smith machine in your life.