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Power Racks

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Power Racks

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  • Jordan Olympic Power Rack

  • Primal Strength Home Power Rack With Lat Pulldown/Low Row

  • Primal Strength Half Power Rack

  • Primal Strength Ultra 10.0 Folding Power Rack

  • Primal Strength HD Power Rack

  • Forge Power Cage HD

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  • Forge Power Rack Eco

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  • Nautilus Plate Loaded Freedom Rack

  • Nautilus Power Cage

  • RAZE Power Rack

  • Raze Multi Rack

  • Raze U100B Power Rack

  • Exigo Elite Power Half Rack Combination

  • Exigo Elite Power Combination Double Rack

  • Exigo Elite Power Rack (8/9ft)

  • Exigo Olympic Pro Power Rack (Base Unit Only)

  • Cybex Free Weights Series Power Cage Station

  • Exigo Club Power Rack

  • Impulse Sterling Power Rack

  • York STS Power Rack

  • York FTS Power Cage

  • Indigo Olympic Performance Power Rack

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    Inspire Power Rack

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Power rack

What’s so great about power racks?

Lift big without a spotter and transform your home gym into a solid and dedicated lifting space with a full power rack.
If you’re ready to take your strength training to the next level, a power rack is the most important bit of kit to get you there.

Main benefits of power racks

  • Safe – lift safely without a spotter with lateral safety catches in case you drop the bar. As full power racks enclose you and your barbell with 4 uprights, it will catch your bar if you fall backwards or forwards on a failed rep.
  • Simple – easy to use on your own.
  • Sturdy – more substantial than a squat rack or squat stands.
  • Versatile – extra features like spotter arms, dip stations and chin up bars offer a whole new dimension to your strength training.

The only potential downside to the power rack is that they require a certain amount of floor space and a reasonably high ceiling. If space or budget is tight then you might want to consider a squat rack or squat stands instead.