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Half Racks

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Half Racks

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  • Forge Half Rack Elite

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  • LifeMaxx LM1740 CrossMaxx Squat Rack

  • Gym Gear Sterling Half Rack

  • Raze Multi Rack

  • Raze Half Rack

  • Exigo Elite Power Half Rack Combination

  • Exigo Elite Multi Combination Rack

  • Exigo Elite Multi Rack

  • York STS Half Rack Safety Spot Bars

  • Exigo Elite Half Rack

  • Impulse Sterling Half Rack

  • York STS Half Rack

  • York STS Double Half Rack

  • York STS College Rack


Half rack

What’s so great about half racks?

If you want to lift big safely and are considering a full power rack but are struggling for space or don’t want to blow your budget on a full rack then a half rack offers the best of both worlds.

Like a squat rack, you usually lift outside the rack, rather than in it, but with incorporated plate storage and four uprights, half racks have the sturdiness and similar functionality of their full rack counterparts.

Half racks are usually much lighter than power racks too and they allow easier removal of the barbell if you want to move your bar to a different part of the gym (as you’re always outside the rack). They are also more moveable than full racks and much better for those performing Olympic lifts rather than powerlifting movements.

For this reason, half racks tend to be favoured by CrossFit gyms and sports teams. Commonly, you’ll see a row of half racks with lifting platforms in front of each rack which allows athletes to easily transition between different exercises.