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  • Inspire Fitness SQR1 Squat Rack

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  • Jordan Olympic Power Rack

  • Full Metal Industries P1 Smith Machine

  • LifeMaxx Sissy Squat Bench PRO

  • Nautilus Plate Loaded Smith Machine

  • Nautilus Plate Loaded Freedom Rack

  • LifeMaxx Half Rack Speciality Squat Rack

  • LifeMaxx Squat Rack

  • Nautilus Power Cage

  • Nautilus Squat Rack

  • Spirit Fitness Smith Machine

  • Gym Gear Sterling Half Rack

  • RAZE Power Rack

  • Raze Multi Rack

  • Raze Half Rack

  • Raze U100B Power Rack

  • Raze Walk In Squat Rack

  • Gym Gear Elite Series Squat Rack

  • Gym Gear Elite Series 3D Smith Machine

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    Gym Gear Elite Smith Machine

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  • Exigo Elite Power Half Rack Combination

  • Exigo Elite Multi Combination Rack

  • Exigo Elite Power Combination Double Rack

  • Exigo Elite Multi Rack

  • Exigo Elite Power Rack (8/9ft)

  • Exigo Olympic Pro Power Rack (Base Unit Only)

  • Exigo Olympic Free Standing Squat Rack

  • Exigo Olympic Squat Rack

  • Hammer Strength Olympic Squat Rack

  • Hammer Strength Smith Machine

  • Cybex Free Weights Series Power Cage Station

  • Cybex Free Weights Series Squat Rack


RacksWhy are racks so important for strength training?

Training at home is great. With no-one to bug you in between sets and no distractions, it’s just you, your tunes and the iron. But all that independence can be lonely sometimes, especially when you need to start lifting heavy and you don’t have a spotter nearby. Which is exactly why a good quality, study rack is essential if you want to lift big in your home gym without injury.

Performing weighted squats just isn’t possible or safe without a rack. At Gym Company we are serious when it comes to squats and lifting, and we have a rack to suit every budget and space requirement. From single, adjustable squat stands if you’re on a budget and just need to be able to get under your bar, to half racks, smith machines and full power racks offering even more training options like pull up and dip bars, so you can turn your garage or spare room into a multi-purpose dedicated training space.

Why choose Gym Company for your rack?

Because we only choose the strongest racks from the best and most popular brands for our site, we offer the most comprehensive guarantees to our customers, including our best price promise and no-questions-asked returns policy.

We are proud of our passion for strength training at Gym Company and we want you to be just as excited about it as we are. We relish the opportunity to help people who show an interest in strength training, from complete beginners to strength athletes.

So if you’re racking your brain about which rack best suits your training programme, you need to check size requirements or you just want to chat racks and gyms, you can call or email us at any time. We’re always ready and eager to impart our friendly and expert advice with our customers.