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Olympic Plates

Olympic Plates

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  • Gym Gear Rubber Olympic Plates

  • Gym Gear Rubber Crumb Bumper Plates

  • LifeMaxx LMX85C Crossmaxx Competition Bumper Plates

  • MYO Olympic Rubber Coated Colour Disc

  • York Cast Olympic Plate Packages

  • Jordan Ignite Rubber Plates V2

  • Jordan Olympic Black Rubber Discs Sets and Bar Set

  • Jordan Classic Rubber Studio Barbell Set

  • LifeMaxx LMX1132 Body Pump Discs

  • LifeMaxx LMX95 Crossmaxx Elite Fractional Plates

  • LifeMaxx LMX87 Crossmaxx Bumper Plates

  • LifeMaxx LMX85 Crossmaxx Competition Bumper Plates

  • LifeMaxx LMX83 Crosmaxx Fractional Plates (50mm)

  • York Olympic Rubber Iso-Grip Plates

  • York Cast Iron Olympic Plates

  • Jordan Ignite Urethane Plates V2

  • LifeMaxx LMX92 Olympic Discs

  • LifeMaxx LMX86C Rubber Coated Olympic Discs

  • LifeMaxx LMX86 Rubber Coated Olympic Discs

  • LifeMaxx LMX73 PU Olympic Discs

  • Escape Cross Training Bumper Plates

  • LifeMaxx LMX84 Rubber Coated Discs

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    Reebok Bumper Plate

  • Physical Company 30mm Rubber Discs

  • Physical Company Rubber Bumper Plates

  • Physical Company PU Competition Bumper Plates

  • Physical Company PU Disks

  • Physical Company PU Competition Barbell Set (110kg)

  • RAZE Elite Rubber Bumper Plates

  • RAZE Premium Rubber Bumper Plates

  • RAZE Black Series Rubber Bumper Plates

  • RAZE R-Sport Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates


Olympic plates

Choosing the right Olympic plates for your bar

Choosing plates for your bar can be a confusing process. There are many different types available – from general use cast plates to fully calibrated competition bumper plates. Here’s what you need to know before you buy…

Bumper plates or cast plates?

Bumper plates (or “bumpers”) are weights specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting. They are made of thick, hard rubber so that a loaded bar can be dropped from a height without ruining the floor, the bar and the plates! Competition bumper plates are colour coded by weight, but standard use, general purpose bumper plates are usually black.

Cast plates obviously have no bounce and therefore aren’t suitable for the Olympic snatch, clean and jerk lifts where the weight is thrown above the head and frequently dropped to the floor. Solid metal cast plates are instead used for more general weight training and powerlifting movements (squat, deadlift and bench press), where the weight is usually lowered slowly and not dropped from a height. They are, however, much more affordable than bumper plates.

What about rubber coated plates?

Rubber or polyurethane coated plates are popular with commercial gyms as they have the look and feel of bumper plates and are much quieter than uncoated metal plates, but they are not designed for Olympic lifts and should only be used for general weight training. If you plan to use your plates for CrossFit or any kind of Olympic lifting, then you’ll definitely need rubber bumper plates.