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Lifting Platforms

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Lifting Platforms

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  • Cybex Big Iron Wood Platform with Insert

  • Jordan Olympic Lifting Platform

  • RAZE Half Rack Platform

  • RAZE Rack Mounted Platform

  • Hammer Strength Insert Ramp

  • Hammer Strength Olympic Heavy Duty Platforms and Inserts

  • Cybex Big Iron 9′ & 8′ Combo Power Platform

  • York Solid Oak Platform 8″ x 6″

  • York Insert for Multi-Function Rack and Power Rack

  • Jordan Technique Boxes (set of 8)

  • Indigo 2m x 3m Free Standing Platform


lifting platforms

What’s the point of a lifting platform?

Prepare for lift off. Not just a pretty way to create a defined lifting zone, a quality lifting platform will improve your lifts by providing a level footed surface, taking the daily pounding of weights dropped from your Olympic lifts and preserving the life of your bars and plates.

Benefits of lifting platforms

  • Creates a defined lifting zone.
  • Provides a firm, stable footing for safe lifting.
  • Absorbs the impact from dropped weights.
  • Prevents damage to the floor.
  • Acts as sound proofing for dropping weights.
  • Extends the life of your bars and plates.

What to look for in a lifting platform

Lifting platforms come in an array of different sizes and this is probably the main thing to watch out for when buying a lifting platform for your home or commercial gym, but there is a lifting platform for every space – compact versions are available for garage gyms.

The materials used also vary from cheaper MDF versions to more extravagant solid oak centred platforms that are built to impress.