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  • Gym Gear Individual Rubber Dumbbells

  • Jordan Studio Ignite Series Dumbbells

  • Physical Company – Neo Hex Dumbbells

  • Escape Octagon Dumbbell Range

  • Jordan Urethane Dumbbell Sets with Rack

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    PowerBlock Sport 5.0

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  • York 15kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

  • York 20kg Black Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

  • LifeMaxx Chrome Dumbbells Set With Rack

  • Reebok Hex Dumbbells

  • Reebok Studio Dumbbells

  • Physical Company 30mm Dumbbell Set

  • Gym Gear Rubber Dumbbells Sets

  • Power Block Urethane U90 Stage 1-3

  • PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Dumbbells

  • Jordan Ignite Urethane Dumbbells 1- 10kg (Individual)

  • Jordan Ignite Urethane Dumbbells (Individual)

  • York Individual Pro-Style Dumbbells

  • Jordan Individual Urethane Dumbbells

  • Jordan Individual Classic Rubber Solid End Dumbbells

  • Jordan Individual Cast Iron Dumbbells

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  • LifeMaxx Chrome Dumbbells

  • LifeMaxx Fixed Dumbbells Set with Rack (1-10kg)

  • LifeMaxx Fixed Dumbbells Sets

  • LifeMaxx Fixed Dumbbells

  • LifeMaxx Dumbbells (LMX75 2kg -60kg)

  • LifeMaxx PU Dumbbells (1kg -60kg)

  • LifeMaxx Hexagon Dumbbells

  • Dumbbell Storage Tier Rack

  • Adidas Essential Weight Set


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  • Adidas Dumbbells

  • Physical Company Upright Dumbbell Rack Set (10 Pair)



What’s so great about dumbbells?

If you could choose only one ‘desert island’ piece of training equipment, it would have to be the good old reliable dumbbell. The most versatile, space efficient, portable and affordable of all strength training equipment, the dumbbell is the one piece of equipment no gym can live without.

Dumbbell sets

Whether you are looking to fill up your garage with a basic no frills set of dumbbells, or you want a visually stunning commercial set and rack for your premium gym, buying a full dumbbell set is the simplest way to fully stock your gym and ensure you have the weights you need as your training progresses. We have an option for all – if you’re short on space, our space-saving adjustable dumbbells provide the nifty solution to your gym floor issues.

Individual pairs

If you’d prefer to buy your dumbbells as you need them, working your way up to a full set as you get stronger, or if you’ve already got a range of dumbbells and want to add to your collection, buying them in affordable, individual pairs means you don’t have to fork out for a full set of dumbbells. Perfect if you’re buying on a budget.