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Specialist Bars

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Specialist Bars

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  • Jordan Safety Squat Bar

  • Physical Company Tricep Bar

  • Physical Company Olympic Hex Bar

  • RAZE Deadlift Bar

  • Primal Strength 6ft Linda Olympic 15kg Technique Bar

  • Primal Strength Austin Texas Power Bar

  • Reebok TRI Folding Mat

  • Reebok Power Bar

  • Physical Company PU Competition Barbell Set (110kg)

  • RAZE Shrug/Trape Bar

  • Gym Gear Olympic Hex Bar

  • Eleiko Curl Bar


Specialist bars

Why choose a specialist bar?

If you’re looking to take your strength training to a new a level, or need to work around injuries, specialist bars can supplement your major lifts and add that essential element of variety to your training.

Specialist bars comes in a range of shapes and sizes to maximise natural grip position and train specialist lifts like those needed for strongman competitions. Not only are the majority of our specialist bars lovingly handcrafted here in the UK, but they are made with a true passion for strength training too.

Types of specialist bar available

Thick bars

Originating from the world of strongman, thick bar training is now being used by elite athletes, bodybuilders, sports teams and the military for superior strength results. With a thicker bar, more muscles are activated to produce far greater strength and muscle gains than with a standard bar. In the words of world famous powerlifter, Dave Tate: ‘once you go fat, you’ll never go back’.

Alternate grip bars

Bars like the X bar or angled grip box bars allow the user to lift with a more natural wrist and shoulder position than a straight bar. This is why they are not only useful for those suffering with injuries or reduced mobility, but also for anyone looking to optimise their positioning to get the most out of their lifts – often grip changes allow for increased weight. Bring on the PBs!