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Olympic Bars

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Olympic Bars

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  • Gym Gear Standard Olympic Bar (700lbs tested)

  • Gym Gear Premium Olympic Bar (1500lbs tested)

  • Physical Company Olympic Bar With Bearings

  • Jordan Olympic Black Rubber Discs Sets and Bar Set

  • Jordan Safety Squat Bar

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    Gym Gear EZ Curl Bar

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  • Gym Gear Crossfit 7ft Olympic Bar

  • Jordan Steel Hex Bar (Trap Bar)

  • Physical Company EZ Curl Bar

  • Physical Company Olympic Hex Bar

  • RAZE Men’s Elite Series Bar

  • Jordan Olympic Bar Holder

  • Jordan Olympic 5ft Steel Bar (with bearings)

  • Jordan 6ft Aluminium Training Bar

  • Bar Package (Trap, Safety Squat, Swiss)

  • Jordan Wall Mounted Bar Racks

  • Jordan Ultimate Bar

  • York Olympic North American Black Oxide Bars

  • York 6ft Olympic Aluminium Technique Bar

  • York 7ft Olympic Bar (Static Lifts Only)

  • RAZE Premium Series Bar

  • RAZE Black Series Bar

  • Gym Gear Olympic Hex Bar

  • Eleiko IPC PL Competition Bar

  • Eleiko PL Competition Bar

  • Eleiko WL Training Bar

  • Jordan Olympic Super Curl Steel Bar

  • Jordan Olympic Curl Steel Bar (with bearings)

  • Jordan Olympic Tricep Steel Bar (with bearings)

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    York Olympic Split Sleeve Curl Bar with Rubber Grips

  • York 7ft Olympic Elite Training Bar

  • York 7ft Olympic Elite Power Bar


Olympic barsWhat’s so special about Olympic bars?

Thanks largely to the popularity of CrossFit, Olympic lifting is more popular than ever before. Olympic bars aren’t the same as other barbells, they are specifically designed to flex to allow for the explosive movements of the clean, jerk and snatch. The knurling on Olympic bars is 36” apart (as opposed to 32” on a powerlifting bar).

Whether you’re just starting out and are looking for a beginner or training bar, or you are an athlete after a competition-standard bar that meets International Weightlifting Federation or specifications, we have the perfect Olympic bar for you.

What to know when choosing an Olympic bar

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your bars and plates and we want to help you pick the right bar to suit your budget and level. Here are the main things you need to look out for:


Olympic bars come in the following different sizes:

  • Men – Weight 20kg / Length 2.2m / Bar thickness 28mm
  • Women – Weight 15kg / Length 2.01m / Bar thickness 25mm
  • Youth – Weight 10kg / Length 1.5 – 1.7m / Bar thickness 25mm

Tensile strength

The tensile strength of the bar determines how much weight the bar can hold and is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch).
Some competition bars go up to 215k PSI, but for general lifting purposes, 150k is usually enough for your average lifter.

Bushes or bearings?

The end sleeves of Olympic bars rotate and some bars use bushes to facilitate the rotation, others use bearings. Bushes are usually used for high end bars and produce a smoother and quieter action on the sleeves.

Dual purpose bars

Some bars are categorised as “dual-purpose” bars and these hybrid bars have both the necessary strength for every-day powerlifting but also the flex for Olympic movements and dual knurling. They are popular with commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes.