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  • Gym Gear Standard Olympic Bar (700lbs tested)

  • Gym Gear Premium Olympic Bar (1500lbs tested)

  • Physical Company Olympic Bar With Bearings

  • Jordan Olympic Black Rubber Discs Sets and Bar Set

  • Jordan Safety Squat Bar

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    Gym Gear EZ Curl Bar

    £60.00 £51.00
  • Gym Gear Crossfit 7ft Olympic Bar

  • Jordan Olympic Super Curl Steel Bar

  • Jordan Olympic 5ft Steel Bar (with bearings)

  • Jordan Steel Hex Bar (Trap Bar)

  • Jordan Ignite Rubber Straight Bars (Individual)

  • Reebok Power Bar

  • Physical Company EZ Curl Bar

  • Physical Company Olympic Hex Bar

  • RAZE Men’s Elite Series Bar

  • Gym Gear Rubber Barbell Set

  • Jordan Olympic Bar Holder

  • York Pro-Style Barbell Sets With Rack

  • Jordan 6ft Aluminium Training Bar

  • Bar Package (Trap, Safety Squat, Swiss)

  • Jordan V2 Rubber Studio Barbell Plate Set

  • Jordan V2 Urethane Studio Barbell Plate Set – Colour Coded

  • Jordan V2 Urethane Studio Barbell Plate Set

  • Jordan Wall Mounted Bar Racks

  • Jordan Ultimate Bar

  • Jordan Ignite Urethane Straight Bars (Individual)

  • York Olympic North American Black Oxide Bars

  • York 6ft Olympic Aluminium Technique Bar

  • York 7ft Olympic Bar (Static Lifts Only)

  • York 6ft Spinlock Solid Chrome Bar With Collars

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    LifeMaxx LMX78 EZ Barbells

  • Sale!

    LifeMaxx LMX77 Straight Barbells

    £81.96 £67.79


Why we love bars

At the heart of strength training lies the barbell. Powerlifting, weightlifting or bodybuilding, the bar is the simplest, most traditional and most essential piece of kit for all major lifts.

Here at Gym Company, we have the biggest range of bars in the UK. From regular Olympic bars to specialist thick bars, whatever level you’re currently at, it’s time to raise the bar on your strength training.

What to know when choosing a bar

There are a huge range of different types of barbells available – for example, Olympic bars (for weightlifting and CrossFit) and specialist bars that help you to work around injuries or train specific muscles. Here are some things to check when choosing a bar:

Bar thickness

The diameter of the bar will differ depending on the type of bar you choose – barbells are designed for either 1” or 2” plate holes – make sure your weight plates match your bar!

Specialist bars

If your bar will be used for Olympic lifting or Powerlifting, there are specialist bars designed for these sports. Olympic bars allow a certain amount of flex for explosive lifts and dropping from a height, whereas powerlifting bars have less flex and are more suitable for squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

These types of bars come in different lengths for men, women and children and the knurling on the bar differs too.


It’s always the little things that make the biggest difference. Once you’ve chosen your bar, don’t overlook the essential accessories you’ll need to ensure your lifts are performed safely and effectively. Weight collars ensure your weights are stable when lifting and prevent potentially nasty injuries from falling weights. Trust us, you don’t want to test the bounce of your bumper plates on your feet!