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    StairMaster 8 Gauntlet

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  • Life Fitness Integrity Series PowerMill

  • Life Fitness Integrity Series Summit Trainer

  • StairMaster 8 Gauntlet 15″ TV

  • Spirit Fitness CS800 Stepper

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    Precor 776i (Brand new, boxed)

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    Matrix S3x Stepper

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    Matrix S5x Stepper

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    Matrix S7xe Stepper

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  • Matrix C5x ClimbMill

  • Matrix C7xe ClimbMill

  • Precor Experience Climber

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  • Refurbished Precor 776i

  • Refurbished Life Fitness 95Li

  • Refurbished Life Fitness 95Le

  • Refurbished Life Fitness 95s

  • Life Fitness Elevation Series Discover PowerMill

  • StairMaster FreeClimber

  • StairMaster TreadClimber 5

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    StairMaster Stepmill 3

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  • Life Fitness Integrity Series Stair Climber


Benefits of using steppers for training

  •  The stepper is perfect for the people with injury and those getting back into exercise.
  • The stepper helps you improve balance and stability.
  • Using the step machine improves your cardiovascular health, leading to a longer, fitter, healthier life.
  • The stepper can improve muscle tone in your legs.
  • Steppers provide a low impact workout, making it a great piece of equipment for people with weak bones or injured joints.

A step machine is a great way to introduce light exercise in to your day to day life, whether you’re getting back into exercise or recovering from injury, it’s a great way to ease yourself back into light cardiovascular exercise.

How to vary your Stepper workout

Keep Stepping

Steppers enable you to walk at different resistances, turn your resistance up and tone your leg muscles.

Ad break workout

Steppers are a great way to workout at home whilst watching your favourite shows, during your evening viewing rather than reaching for that biscuit get on your stepper during the ad breaks.