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Gym Mats

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Gym Mats

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  • Physical Company – SupaSoft Studio Mats

  • Premium Studio Mat

  • Physical Company Vinyl Studio Stretch Mat

  • Physical Company Budget Mat

  • Jordan Fitness Mats

  • Floor Protection Mats

  • Machine Mat 6mm x 100cm x 200cm

  • Machine Mat 6mm x 100cm x 250cm

  • Gym Gear Sports Mat Hanger

  • Jordan 40mm Multi Purpose Stretch Mats

  • Airex Fitline Mat – Exercise Mats

  • Machine Mat 6mm x 90cm x 150cm

  • Core Fitness Mat 10mm

  • PowerBlock Stand Mat

  • Core Fitness Plus Mat 15MM

  • Studio Pro Aerobic Mat


Why everyone should use gym mats in their workouts:

  • Build strong balanced muscles after a cardio workout so your core doesn’t get neglected
  • Tones your core as well as strengthens
  • Stretching on a mat after workouts ensures your muscles don’t stiffen up
  • Yoga mats can be carried around and stored really easily too. Simply roll them up and go!


Exercises you can do with our gym mats:

The Plank

This is one of the toughest floor exercises! It will leave you shaking while you try to hold it for the last few seconds but it will be worth it as the plank works your whole body.

Bicycle Crunch

This will work your abs and legs. Lie on your back with your legs at a right angle in the air. Straighten one leg and bring pack towards your chest repeat with the other leg and slowly get faster to mimic the cycling motion.

Side Plank

This will help tone those unwanted love handles. Roll onto your side with an elbow underneath you supporting your body. Lift your hip up off the floor, hold for 3 seconds then come slowly back down to the floor.

Glute Bridges

This will tone and strengthen glute and quad muscles. Lying on your back with your legs bent bring your pelvis up for 3 seconds. Hold for 6 seconds then release down for 3 seconds.