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Boxing Equipment

Boxing Equipment

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    Exigo Boxing Leather Maize Bag

    £140.00 £99.00
  • Escape Heavy Duty Wall Bracket

  • Exigo Ultimate Sparring Gloves

  • Exigo 4ft Leather Straight Punch Bag

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    Exigo Boxing 4ft Leather Triple Body Bag

    £220.00 £199.00
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    Jordan Leather Training Gloves

    £38.00 £32.30
  • Wavemaster Punch Bag Scoring Zone

  • Escape Focus Pro Punchbag

  • Escape Training Bag

  • Escape Pro Punchbag

  • BoxMaster Quad

  • Cimac Terry Torso Free Standing Punch Bag

  • Cimac Terry Torso Free Standing

  • Cimac Terry Torso Wall Mounted

  • Escape Training Gloves – 12oz Black

  • Escape Training Gloves – 8oz Green

  • Escape Punch Mitts – Green

  • Escape Uppercut Pro Punch Bag

  • Escape Speedball Platform

  • Escape Freestanding Punch Bag

  • Escape Training Gloves – 10oz Red

  • Exigo 4 Station Frame (4 Bag Arms)

  • Exigo Amateur Contest Gloves

  • Exigo Club Pro Sparring Gloves

  • Exigo Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook

  • Exigo Pro Fight Contest Gloves

  • Exigo Ultimate Pro Sparring Lace Up Gloves

  • StarTrac Box Master Kick Pad

  • Cross Body Trainer

  • Star Trac BoxMaster Tower

  • Exigo Boxing Ring Floor Mounted

  • Jordan 4 Station Boxing Frame (Punch Bag NOT Included)


Benefits of boxing training

  • You don’t always have to step on a treadmill to get a cardio workout. Boxers usually work flat out for 3 minutes with a minute interval in fights. Training for this will improve your cardio vascular health
  • It will improve your hand eye coordination which plays a huge role in day to day life
  • A great way to tone your body

How to use boxing equipment in your training

Punch Mitts
Practice with a partner and get them to wear Punch mitts. This is a fantastic way to practice punch technique, speed and accuracy.

Heavy Bag
You can practice in the comfort of your own home without the need of a sparring partner. Heavy bags are recommended to prevent the bag swinging around from heavy punches.

This is a really fun, engaging way to train using boxing equipment. Classes vary but the main areas include; boxing, skipping, kicking punchbags, pull ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Create your very own Boxercise stations at home or in the gym with a pair of boxing gloves, punch bag, agility ladder, pull up bar and skipping rope.