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Balance Training

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Balance training essentials

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  • Physical Company Physio Ball – Maxafe

  • Indoboard Original Bamboo Training Package

  • Indoboard Mini Original Kit Package

  • BOSU Balance Trainer Home Model

  • Reebok Core Board

  • Indo Board Original Barefoot

  • Indo Board Original Barefoot FLO GF

  • Indo Board Original Training Package


Benefits of using balance boards for training:

  • Strength – The nervous system uses your muscles when lifting weights, so as your nervous system becomes more efficient it can demand a higher percentage of your muscle for each lift.
  • Joint stability – Balance training helps strengthen muscles and tendons around your joints which helps prevent injuries especially common knee, ankle or shoulder sprains/dislocation.
  • Coordination – Using a balance board improves coordination as it requires multiple areas of your body to work together.
  • Long term – introducing balance training into your fitness regime will not only have the above benefits but you will also be less likely to fall and sustain fractures as you get older.

How to vary your balance training:

Use a stability ball

Sit on a stability ball and place your arms by your side. Make sure your feet are solidly planted on the floor. Perform leg raises one at a time whilst maintaining a straight back. Using a ball will add more of a challenge to performing these exercises in a chair.


Stand with one leg on a Bosu ball and one leg off the floor. This is a great exercise to strengthen your ankle and knee joints. To make it even harder bend your balancing leg as far down as you can go and then return back to your starting position.

Agility Ladder

Move in and out of the ladders as quick as you can. This will increase your agility and balance as you will be taking care to step in the gaps and not step on the ladder itself.