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  • Physical Company Supaflex Resistance Band

  • Physical Company – SupaSoft Studio Mats

  • Reebok Floor Guard Flooring

  • Physical Company Medicine Ball

  • Premium Studio Mat

  • Gym Gear Gym Balls

  • Cimac Speed Jump Rope

  • Physical Company Vinyl Studio Stretch Mat

  • Jordan Sandbag X-Treme Medium

  • Physical Company Budget Mat

  • Sale!

    Gym Gear Double Grip Medicine Balls

    £42.00 £30.60
  • Physical Company Physio Ball – Maxafe

  • Jordan Pro Fit Balls (Anti-Burst)

  • WaterRower Heart Rate Monitoring Kit (ANT+)

  • Carbon ‘Cool Palm’ Sparring Gloves

  • Physical Company SupaSoft Dual Mat Bag

  • Physical Company PowerBags

  • RAZE Slam Balls

  • RAZE 41″ Power Band

  • Star Trac BoxMaster Tower

  • Jordan Tornado Ball 2kg – 5kg

  • Resistance Band Rolls

  • Reebok Slam Balls

  • Gym Gear Performance Bags

  • Pro Ab Wheel

  • Escape TIYR

  • Reebok Double Grip Medicine Balls

  • Gym Mirrors/ Mirror Glass

  • Sale!

    Gym Gear Slam Balls

    £14.40 £10.20
  • Jordan Studio Ignite Series Dumbbells


    Exigo Boxing Leather Maize Bag

    £140.00 £99.00
  • WaterRower Dual Density Seat Pad


Benefits of using accessories for training

  • They add variety to your workout
  • You can create your own resistance using heavier or smaller weights using dumbbells or kettlebells
  • You can use it in the fresh outdoors, in your own home or at work – they are portable so you can take them anywhere!
  • Create short fat burning workouts with minimal space and time

Accessories add a huge amount of variety to your workout and offer you a different feel to your workout. Perform short bursts with barbells and medicine balls and add in some suspension training with a TRX suspension trainer to improve balance and stability.

How to use accessories in your workouts

Feel the burn
Use a resistance band for lower leg work to build up lactic in your legs which will increase your endurance
Use the SAQ ladders to build up reaction time and agility
HIIT training
For fat burning and cardio workouts you can use a range of equipment such as barbells, medicine balls, skipping ropes, aerobic steps, dumbbells. The beauty is you can create your very own workout tailored to your required results!