Neville PT


We paid Neville a visit to see what his plans were with his home PT studio and after hearing his plans we were very excited to get him under way and his studio ready for use as soon as possible. The Neville Yates PT studio is based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire and they strongly believe in the power of an individual, which is what Neville wants to get out of his clients.


Neville’s background in fitness is extensive. With amazing personal achievements such as bringing home to England a gold medal in karate in the early 1990’s and competing numerous marathons including those in London and New York. He also finished in the top 10 in the British off-road championships, has competed in over 20 ironman triathlons and even a double ironman event! What more could you want from your very own personal fitness trainer? But don’t let this tough sporting background put you off as Neville is not focusing on pushing you to the extreme as an individual. His main passion is to help you build confidence, overcome fears and plan a routine to help you reach your goals step by step.


Neville’s vision was simple; to create a private, unique facility in which he can deliver personal fitness and wellbeing programmes for an individual no matter what fitness ability they may be. Many modern day gyms claim they are focused on helping the clients. However, in busy commercial gyms this is very rare to find and this is exactly why Neville wanted to create his own personal training facility. Neville Yates PT Studio will be where you can go if you are recovering from an injury, somewhere you can get expert tuition and support.

Now it was down to us to make this place the ideal facility for personal training sessions...