Neville PT

Kit Choice

Neville was very specific with what equipment he wanted as he required the right equipment that was suitable to be used in his personal training sessions for all different types of abilities and levels of fitness. Neville needed the right mixture of kit for his PT studio as he needed something his clients can use in order to improve their all round general fitness, however it also all had to fit in one room in his home as that’s were he was planning on carrying out his PT sessions.

Gym Design

Neville was using a fairly large sized room based in his own home to carry out his PT sessions, so thinking of a gym design that was best for him took a lot of thought as it always does for any of our customers. Designing the gym involves pre-planning where the equipment would be best placed and to do this we have to take in to account the size of the equipment, how much equipment there is and whether there are any possible hazards or flaws in the design and so on.

In the end, us and Neville, agreed on what equipment would appropriately fit in his PT studio as well as having the right equipment to offer his customers a good all round workout session and this is the outcome….

The Final Finish

As soon as Neville’s room was ready, it was up to us to arrange for installation of his brand new gym equipment. Neville agreed that the Gym Gear 95 cardiovascular range which included the 95T treadmill, X95 crosstrainer and the C95 upright bike, these products would be best for his PT studio as they have a small footprint and offer an awesome workout experience, which is exactly what Neville was looking for. As well as this, Neville had a concept 2 rower installed. With these products Neville can really offer his customers a great personal training experience as well as having a very neat, tidy and professional looking studio in which his customers will be very happy to exercise in. Neville was very happy with the end result and is very excited about the prospect of running his own PT studio.

What equipment did Neville purchase from us?

  • Gym Gear X95 Light Commercial

  • Gym Gear T95 Light Commercial

  • Gym Gear C95 Upright

  • Concept 2 Rower Model D PM5 Console