Project Brief

Lindt & Sprüngli (U.K.) Ltd is a multinational company creating some of the world’s most delicious chocolates.

We first got contacted by Lindt back in August 2016. They said they wanted to create a gym for around 30-40 people but they only had a space of 6m x 12m. Lindt wanted to make sure that they were able to do spinning, HIIT and yoga classes. In the first contact, they asked for a 8 particular brand of spinning bikes, dumbells, barbells and racks. We convinced them that they could get more bikes if they went with a different brand, this suited them better as they are now using all 10 bikes and would have wanted more if they had space. The conversation went on for a little over a month adding and change the quote to make sure we got the best products for their needs. After we had the products sorted we then spoke in detail about payment options.

Just before we were ready to go ahead with the order. The customer has another quote which beat ours. They told us this and after some twisting of the arm of our director, we managed to match this price. We arranged the date for delivery and it went ahead without any delays. A few days later we received a lovely bundle of chocolates from Lindt to say thank you for doing such a good job. It’s safe to say these didn’t last long in our office.

Project Brief

“We have recently expanded our office and decided to open a gym for our 100 office-based employees.  We approached a number of companies to supply our desired gym equipment and the customer service provided by the Gym Company was by the far the most professional and accommodating.

We would like to thank Kat for her help to build our ideal gym with ease and speed, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Lindt is one of the top Great Places to Work and awarded the Healthiest Workplace in the UK. The Gym Company’s support to create our gym will allow us to become an even healthier and greater workplace!”

Just some of the kit will installed at Lindt & Sprüngli (UK) Ltd