Here at GymCompany we have recently added to our ever growing range of products some fantastic lockers from Probe. Probe manufacturing offer a huge range of top quality storage solutions incorporating; lockers, cupboards, cloakroom equipment and so on, they have been manufacturing products at the highest possible standard and have been doing so in the UK since 1960. The products they produce are brilliant for any kind of commercial/leisure environment for example; schools, leisure centres, gyms and much more.

Our Bespoke Wooden Lockers are the more modern looking lockers that could be place in a much wider range of environments due to the 5 choices of wood you can pick from, there are 5 different choices of wood to each individual steel body you can choose from; Ash, Oak, Walnut, Maple & Beech. However, if the wooden look doesn’t really appeal to you then they are also available in the colours white and silver. You also have the choice over how you would like the lockers to look, choose between having 1/2/3 or 4 compartments on a single body. The hinges on these lockers open up to a very wide 164 degree angle meaning whomever maybe using the locker has really easy access to it and can easily store their things into the locker without much hassle at all.

The Steel Lockers offer a much wider range on the amount of compartments you can have to a single body, ranging from 1 to 16 compartments. One of the best features about this range of lockers is that it is approved by biomaster. The lockers are hygienic, extremely durable and anti-bacterial. These features make them perfect for having in any commercial gym/environment. Having a gym or leisure centre kept neat and tidy is very important to customers and having lockers like these would make your job much easier. With exceptional lock options and 7 colours to choose from, these lockers would be ideal for any commercial area no matter what the requirements may be.

The Personal Effects Wallet Lockers are perfect for gyms/centres that get many customers coming in with small items like phones, wallets and keys. These items are valuables to the customers which is why they bring them into the gym and would expect some sort of safe place in which they can store them. They don’t want to be carrying them around the gym with them as they could easily be forgotten, lost or even damaged so getting somewhere safe they can store them will improve their experience and trust at your gym. These shorter lockers are perfect for putting near the front desk so you can keep an eye on them at all times. The customer can scan their card or whatever they use to gain access to your gym; then go to the locker and put all their valuable items in, get the key and can then crack on with their workout while carrying the bare minimum. After, they return to the same locker to find all their valuables untouched, safe and everyone is happy.

Which lock is best for you?

Probe Manufacturing have also produced a number of locks for their customers to choose from offering them better locks which allow for more convenience and top safety precautions, they have them all. So we thought we would give you some information on these locks so that you can then go on to decide which ones you feel are the best for the environment you are in.

Swivel Latch Lock-Hasp and Staple

Key features of this lock:

  • Chrome swivel hasp & staple/latch lock.
  • For use with own padlock (not included).
  • Keyless solution.

Standard Camlock

Key features of this lock:

  • Supplied with 2 keys.
  • Additional keys available or easily replaced.
  • Master Key for supervisor access available.
Multi User Combination Lock

Multi User Combination Lock

Key features of this lock:

  • Re-programmable combination lock.
  • 10,000 combinations.
  • Re-programming using service key.

Digital Combination Lock

Key features of this lock:

  • 40,000 combinations.
  • Emergency access using service key.
  • Simple to program.
  • Batteries last up to 50,000 operations.
  • Single user supplied as standard.
  • Multi-user option available.

4 Digit Combination Lock

Key features of this lock:

  • 10,000 combinations.
  • Press and hold change button, rotate wheels to set new code.
  • Scramble after each use.
  • Service key override or code reset to default setting.
  • Ideal use for schools and staff lockers to eliminate the need for keys.
  • Moulded outer case for easy to turn operation.

Which one would be most cost efficient?

Obviously it all depends on the type of environment you are using the lockers for, if you are looking to using them in a very high traffic commercial environment then we feel as though the best lock would be one that is locked /unlocked via combination code. We think these would be more efficient in the long run as there are no keys that could end up being lost and having to be replaced. Not only is this more efficient but it also means that security for the customers belongings is bettered, for example, if a customer was in the gym and had their key on them and dropped it while working out then all it takes is for someone to come along and pick that key up and use it to get into that locker.

If you are looking at the possibility of opening your very own commercial gym and are interested in purchasing the right lockers for you then please follow this link and get in touch with us and our sales team will be more than happy to help.