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Affiliate Area

Join the GymCompany Affiliate Programme and earn commissions for referrals

If you are a fitness professional, and operate your own website and/or social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and would like to earn commissions for referring customers to our website, this could be the programme for you!

You simply upload banners (from the creatives area) or links to your favourite products, and if anyone clicks through to our site, and then buys something, you earn a commission.

It’s easy to be a GymCompany Affiliate

Simply log in to the affiliate area and you can always see exactly how many referrals you have sent our way, and see how many people bought.

Banners are easy to take from the Creatives area, and there are tons of sizes available.

We love our affiliates

We take good care of our affiliates, which is why we have a dedicated affiliate area on our site.

Once you log in, you’ll be able to view your sales and commission earnings, check referral statistics, generate unique urls and download banners to use on your site.

You’ll always have our support. From time to time, we like to provide our affiliates with additional customer incentives like special discount codes and promotions, to help you get even more referrals.

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Our affiliate programme is simple and easy to use.

1. We provide you with banners and urls to share on your site.  Those links are custom to you and include unique tracking data.

2. If a customer clicks on the banner or link on your site, their IP address is logged and cookies are used to track their activity on our site for the next 30 days.

3. If they make a purchase from us within that 30 day period, you will receive 10% commission on that sale.

4. We will transfer your commission to you once a month via PayPal once your balance is over £50.

Affiliate cycle

How do I become an affiliate?

It is completely FREE to become a GymCompany Affiliate. All you need to do is click the ‘join now’ tab above and complete our short application form.

Our affiliate manager will then consider your application, but don’t worry – we work fast!

You could be earning commission by the end of the day!

If your application is accepted, we will send you a confirmation email. Once you’re part of our affiliate family, you’ll then be able to log onto our affiliate area where you can obtain your unique affiliate links and banner adverts for your site.


How are orders tracked so I know I am getting the commission I deserve?

The url links you use are custom to you and include unique tracking data.

When a customer clicks on your unique affiliate link, they are taken to our sales site. As soon as they click the link, a cookie is placed on their computer which tracks their activity on our site for the next 30 days. Your account is then tied to any purchases that customer makes within that time frame.

This all happens automatically and we use the most reliable affiliate tracking software provided by AffiliateWP.

You can easily track all of your referrals and commission statistics in the affiliate log-in area.


How and when will I be paid?

We will pay your commission to your PayPal account once a month, provided your balance is over £50.


How much commission will I get?

We offer an industry-leading 10% commission rate to all of our affiliates. Commission is earned on the sale price, excluding VAT and delivery charges.


I’m new to affiliation and don’t really know what I’m doing – what support will I get?

We love our partners. We will provide you with all the support you need to get the most out of being an affiliate with us.

Our affiliate log-in area is extremely easy to navigate and you will find everything you need to get you started. If you can’t find what you need, you can email our affiliate manager at any time. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

You will also receive our regular Affiliate Newsletter which contains tips and techniques to maximise your commission earnings. From time to time, we like to provide our affiliates with additional customer incentives like special promotions and discounts, which will help you to get even more referrals.


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! You don’t have to pay anything to become a partner – our affiliate scheme is simple – the more love you give us, the more we’ll love you back!

You spread the word about GymCompany and get sales for us and we will pay you 10% commission in return.

Click the ‘join us’ tab above to start an exciting partnership with a brand that is just as passionate about strength training as you are – a brand that you will be proud to display on your website and share with the world.

The small print

There’s really not much more to it, but there are a few things you should be aware of before you apply:

1. Commission is paid on the sale price, excluding VAT and shipping costs.

2. You must have a PayPal account to become an affiliate.

3. You will not receive commission for referring yourself!

4. You are only allowed to advertise on the website that you have registered with us.

5. You cannot advertise in search engines unless you get our permission first.

6. If we accept your affiliate application, we may terminate it at any time, but we will tell you beforehand if we do so that you can remove banners and urls that you have already put in place.

7. We can also terminate this agreement immediately without notice and refuse to pay your commission if you are in breach of, or are attempting to violate any of these rules or if for any reason we feel that you are bringing our brand into disrepute.

8. We can change the terms of our affiliate programme at any time, but we will always let you know about any significant changes.

9. We pay commission on orders paid to us by credit card, debit card, BACS or PayPal. Commission is not paid on orders placed with us on finance.

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