So here we are again, all the Christmas fun is over and we’re back in the month of January and its that funny expression of “New year, New me” that always seems to be used but as you can most probably agree, it’s always easier said than done. I mean let’s face it we have all been there, saying something a long the lines of “I need to get fit after the new year” but how many people actually take action on this and successfully go through with their new years resolutions? To prevent this from happening again this new year, we thought we would share some useful tips with you so that you can jump into 2017 without any hesitation and smash your fitness targets.

1. Creating Realistic & Achievable Aims

First and foremost you’ll need to evaluate what it is you feel you need or want to improve within your own fitness, however you need to be realistic and make sure that they are achievable. Don’t try and push yourself too hard at first as you may begin to lose interest or become unmotivated and that is always the first step to loosing interest. What we recommend is creating one or two small aims at a time that will then accumulate to you reaching your main goal. We feel doing it this way is actually a much better way to take on the challenge as you will get more motivated and determined each time you reach the small aims. The key to reaching your fitness goal is to stay confident, stay motivated and keep putting in the hard work.

2. Keep a 'Streak'

Keeping a record of things is very motivating and keeps you on the right track as you will be determined to keep your results going whatever it may be for. You could, for instance, keep a record of how many days you have gone to the gym or how many days you have gone for a jog. Keeping a weekly note of things can then be used for the week after to possibly try and better the last weeks activity.

3. Get a Reliable and Motivating Partner

Having a partner who is reliable and will motivate you through the toughest of times, it will keep you motivated, allow you to learn and also add more fun into your training. A good partner is someone who will motivate you, someone who you can compete with and who will be reliable, if you can find a partner with these aspects then you will find that training will be so much more fun and the results will come in much better time. What’s even better than just having a partner? Having a partner with similar goals and expectations. This will mean that you are both always on the same page and can help each other out when needed and gains will be kept at a maximum.

4. Keep Things Simple & Reward Yourself

It is important to not over complicate things too much when it comes to working towards your aims, if things are too complex it may affect your attitude towards your workouts, you may become demoralised and begin to start slacking. Always make sure you keep your workouts simple enough so that you fully understand what you’re doing and have the ability to do the exercises. Be sure to reward yourself when you over come a difficult situation in your workouts as this will keep your self esteem high which lead to an overall feeling of satisfaction!

5. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Now we have all read the story ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’ and the morale of the story is that greatness cannot be rushed and takes time. A year is a long time so there is really no need to rush into trying to reach your goals. Pace yourself and you will find that better results will come. It will also mean you aren’t overloading yourself throughout the year so you are unlikely to become distressed or cause any injuries.

6. Make Sure The Equipment Is Suitable For You

It is super important to ensure that the equipment you are using is suitable for you and your fitness aims. It is you who understands what your fitness aims are and you may even have an idea of the equipment you need but you should go to a professional for advice as they will have a better in depth knowledge of what’s best for certain developments in training. Nowadays there is such a wide range of different equipment that all have there own individual advantages and disadvantages. If it is equipment for your home gym you are looking for it may be handy to thoroughly research which products would be best for you. However, if you are just using the local gym then asking a personal trainer/member of staff for their advice on which equipment they recommend for your aims would be your best bet.

7. Try Something New!

Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it just a slight change to your normal routine or using a different piece of equipment to what you usually use, it will make a difference and you may find that you prefer it. It is always good to have variety in you workouts so trying new things is always useful as it means you have more of an idea about what is best for you. Maybe when you next workout try a new piece of equipment you have never used before? Maybe instead of using a rowing machine switch it up a bit and use a stepper or maybe just take up a new hobby such as a sport or yoga, what’s the worst that could happen?

8. Sign Yourself Up For An Event

There are many events on throughout the year. Every year, these events will push you to the limit (depending on how seriously you take it of course.) Events such as a 10km, 5km, half marathon, marathons, tough mudder and so on are all really good events that will not only motivate you but also give you something to work towards. If these events may be a bit out of the way for you then just sign up you the most local event to you, there is always something going throughout the year so why not give it ago?

9. Have A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced and healthy diet is ever so important to being fit and healthy. To get a rough idea of a healthy, balanced diet all you have to do is search the internet or ask a professional and you can even plan your own diet so that it fits whatever you are trying to achieve. So go on, get planning and start eating the right way!


Last but not least…DO NOT PUT IT OFF! It is easy to make excuses or say something like “Oh i will just workout tomorrow..” and then the feeling of regret and failure when another year has gone past and you still have the same aims as you did the past 2 years. There is no such word as “Can’t” and just think about the great feeling inside and the increase in self esteem if you pull through and work for what you want. It is all about attitude and now is the time to take action.