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Benefits of using Cross trainers for training

  • Cross trainers provide low impact aerobic activity which is great for your joints.
  • Elliptical Cross trainers offer a full body work out, simply push and pull on the arms to achieve maximum results, a real calorie burner.
  • Cross trainers provide a fantastic cardio workout, a few sessions a week will improve your general aerobic fitness.
  • The Elliptical Crosstrainer is an ideal machine for building endurance and developing resistance

Exercising on a cross trainer will help you lose weight and tone muscles to achieve a full body workout. Elliptical cross trainers provide a fantastic workout that is low impact and gentle on your joints.

How to vary your Cross trainer workout

Work your core

By letting go of the handles, you force yourself to engage your abdominal and core muscles to maintain your balance – a great way to tone your stomach muscles.

Backwards Pedal

Improve your balance and agility by giving backward pedalling a go, mix up your work out and change direction. You use a difference set of muscles to move backwards and you’ll feel the burn.

Thigh thriller

Let go of the handles and squat down into your legs as you continue to pedal backwards. Keep it short and aim for around 30 seconds, you’ll notice the difference.